Our business is to deliver outstanding service and quality deliverables to our clients at the right price. We give our clients the tools they need to control that price to keep their projects on budget as well as on time.

Most importantly, we strive to be flexible in our business engagement so that we are better able to meet your changing business needs. We believe that your engagement contract with us should form part of a strong foundation to a dynamic business relationship for the future, rather than a restriction that binds your company to yesterday’s needs, yesterday’s ideas, or yesterday’s markets.


We offer three basic engagement models which can be blended and tailored for your needs...

Fixed Cost (FC)

For a Fixed Cost engagement, a clear set of deliverables is defined by you the client. HC Concepts then gives you a single fixed cost (price) to deliver all of your requirements. Once the price is agreed then HC Concepts guarantees to deliver at that price regardless of the amount of actual effort involved.
This sort of engagement is suitable for small to medium sized projects where...

  • The requirements and scope are clear
  • The requirements and scope are unlikely to change
  • The project has absolute budgetary constraints

Time and Materials (T&M)

For a Time and Materials engagement, you the client agree standard daily rates with HC Concepts for the services you require on your project and we guarantee to provide those services at that rate. We also guarantee the quality of the services delivered as well as standard oversight of the resources we provide.
This sort of engagement is suitable for all sizes of project where...

  • The requirements and scope are not clear
  • The requirements and scope are likely to change
  • The client requires maximum flexibility on the engagement
  • Specific specialist expertise is required

Dedicated Development Centre (DDC)

If you need to enhance your general IT delivery capability we can provide you with resources in a Dedicated Development Centre. These resources are then exclusively available to you for whatever work you need done with HC Concepts handling standard oversight and guaranteeing the quality of the services provided by our engineers.
This sort of engagement is suitable where...

  • A general capability across multiple projects is required
  • Continuous support is required on a long term basis
  • Software requires continuous versioning and feature enhancement

Understanding which model best suits your needs is key to successful delivery. These are just our basic engagement models and can be modified to meet your specific requirements.

Together we’ll find the best engagement model for you.